My Sister Who Was..

An unexpected sight greeted Isra, as she innocently skipped into her house one warm summer evening. Across the entrance she could see the veranda where her mother was sitting on a chair, surrounded by a number of women. She stopped, pressing her toes into the ground nervously as she further noticed her surroundings; the entire […]

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The Wedding

The doors of the cupboard on top of Aisha’s closet were wide open.  Aisha was comfortably perched inside with her right leg dangling off the side, reading “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. She was not supposed to read it ahead of time, it was to be read in class but she couldn’t help it, she […]

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She distracts him to distraction, This can’t be very pleasant She has taken over his days She has robbed him of nightmares Every task, every trip, every spree He wonders how it would be Will she love it or will she hate In his mind there’s a constant debate Is it right or is it […]

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I am the Darkness

I am the darkness, I do not exist The constellations, the moons They live, glow and die in me, Yet. I do not exist The savannas, the deserts The oceans, the cliffs The tigers, the birds The bears in the mountains grim The mother, the child, The laughter, the cry The hope, the trial The […]

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Mist on the Window

There is mist on the window I cannot see outside, With my fingers I slide in the words I ache for you… If I break through this window, Will I simply bleed to death? Or is there a possibility of freedom So I can make my way to you? Do I really have the courage […]

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You are not a Wall

You are not a wall, you’re a hurricane You make no excuses You care not who falls in your way You are not wall, you’re a hurricane Your will is strong You are stubborn, you accept no wrong You are not a wall, you’re a hurricane You’re as gentle as the wind Yet you carry […]

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A New Life is Born

Be gentle she said, for a new life is born You must protect him and not let him weather the storm Pave a path, fight his wars, defeat his demons, keep him warm, Shower him with favours, sheltering him should be your norm Shade him from the sun, shield him from the thorn Sterilize him […]

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Dear Diary

Dear Diary, Today was my 13th birthday; my friends gave me birthday-bumps in school. I was so scared I would fall, though it was great fun too. I have so many friends, Amina is so tall my goodness I am sure she is taller than her mother too, she also runs very fast and can […]

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