Scarlet Hues.

An Intro..

There is much talk about abuse, harassment, and injustice but not enough about courage and resilience. It is only fair to all those that walk the earth despite what life has thrown at them to have their fortitude acknowledged. It is more important to do so as an inspiration for those who are currently going through affliction.

I aim to write about courage in the face of adversity. About women who have proved to be resilient and have marched through life despite being pushed back by poverty betrayal, harassment, and many other cultural burdens we have created for ourselves.

This collection of true stories will be called ‘Scarlet Hues’ as no other colour in the world has so many emotions attached to it. It represents courage, passion, force, heat, and joy. It is the colour worn by Cardinals in the Roman Church. It represents the beginning of a phase of life in the form of a bride’s attire and also the blood of martyrs in nearly all cultures. At the same time,  this beautiful shade is used to represent sin and immorality.

So many hues of life hidden in this fiery brilliance!


Note: Stay tuned for Alishbas story, coming up next week.


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